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Red River Foods is a leading U.S. importer of a wide variety of tree nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and specialty snack products. We supply the bakery, confectionary, cereal, dairy, and snack food industries with the finest quality product ingredients. Red River operates from four offices, strategically located near major ports on the east and west coasts of the United States. Red River enjoys a worldwide reach, serving a loyal customer base of over 150 companies with over 50 product varieties sourced from more than 20 countries around the globe.

Our home office is in Richmond, Virginia, and our companion office is in Camarillo, California, about halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Our subsidiary in Seattle, Gold Harbor Commodities, Inc., imports numerous products from Asia and exports fresh produce to Pacific Rim and Latin American countries. Gold Harbor administers our pine nut operations through Golden Pacific Foods, our subsidiary in Dalian, China. From our facility in Malatya, Turkey, the heart of Turkey’s apricot producing region, we provide the world’s finest dried apricots. Our offices in Ghana and Benin are located in the heart of cashew producing regions in Africa. Our presence ensures secure and quality supply of cashews. We maintain an agent in Vietnam and employ a representative in India to enable us to source the finest cashews in those countries. We have long established and very cordial relations with our Brazilian cashew suppliers.


Like all that grows in nature, our company started from a seed, specifically, a sunflower seed. Planted in the fertile Red River Valley of North Dakota in the 1970s, this seed grew into a multi-product food enterprise. With a strong emphasis on cashews, we secured a place in the world snack food market by the mid-1990s, and continue to outgrow our roots. By consistently expanding our product line, we thrive as a leading U.S. importer and can always create new opportunities for our customers.


Our company is like a close-knit family and we treat our customers like family too, providing friendly and attentive service to new customers as well as those we’ve worked with for many years. With our knowledge of the international markets, vast global reach, and the advantage of having Red River Foods staff on the ground worldwide, our customers are confident that all operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Since our inception, quality has always been out top priority. Our selections represent our high standards and our diligent work to maintain them. In addition to taste, assuring quality means carefully monitoring food safety. Our company has led the industry in this area for many years. Without compromising safety or quality, we will still deliver the best value on our many ingredients.

Red River Foods has built integrity into the foundation of our company. We began with ideals of fairness and trust, and still use them to frame everything we do. These principles help strengthen relationships and grow businesses. Whether providing you with strategic market advice or discussing our own products, we are honest and reliable.

We'd love to do business with you! Please call us: (804) 320-1800 anytime

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