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Red River Foods is a leading global supplier of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and specialty snacks. Every day we live our mission of sourcing the highest quality foods, providing expert market insight, and developing sustainable supply chains around the world.

Strong Food Safety.
High Quality Foods.
Reliable Market Expertise.

It's not just safety first: As part of our mission, safety pushes us to maintain the highest quality products and remain the top-ranked, most responsible suppliers in the global industry.

With a global reach, we source more than 40 products from 30 countries with an insatiable commitment to sustainability.

With a global reach, we source more than 40 products from 30 countries with a never ending commitment to our corporate social responsibility.

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Cashews of Tay Ninh, Vietnam

We work directly with harvesting communities to improve their livelihood by shortening supply chains and ensuring fair prices to those who grow our products. Learn more about farmers like Y Khap and our sustainability efforts.

More Bees = More Cashews

West African farmers are taught how to maintain beehives in order to increase cashew yields and create honey and beeswax for additional income. Learn more about sustainability efforts like this one.

Teach someone to fishskillfullyand feed themand the planetfor a lifetime.

We work alongside farmers, harvesters and processors to create environmentally friendly approaches to cultivation and product sourcing. Our goal is to nourish and maintain local ecosystems to build a sustainable supply chain and ensure a stable food source for future generations.